What we do

We have a diverse and innovative research portfolio. Ongoing and recently completed projects include:

  1. Cognition and Prosthetic Rehabilitation Outcomes funded through the Irish Research Council (2011-2016). Richard Lombard Vance (DCU), Prof. Pamela Gallagher (DCU), Dr. Deirdre Desmond (NUIM), Dr. Fiadhnait O’Keeffe (National Rehabilitation Hospital), Dr. Nicola Ryall (National Rehabilitation Hospital), Dr. Robert Coen (Mercer Institute of Ageing, St James Hospital, Dublin).
  2. Promoting quality of life and preventing secondary disability following acquired physical impairment: a controlled clinical trial of a self-management intervention’ funded by the Health Research Board (2011-2014). Dr Deirdre Desmond (NUIM), Prof. Stephen Wegener (Johns Hopkins University), Dr. Simone Carton (National Rehabilitation Hospital), Prof. Pamela Gallagher (DCU), Dr. Liam Delaney (Geary Institute, UCD).
  3. ‘Psychosocial aspects of complex prostheses and their relation to self and society’ funded by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (2010-2014). Philip Jefferies (DCU), Prof. Pamela Gallagher (DCU), Prof. Malcolm MacLachlan (TCD).
  4. Self-regulation of goals and psychosocial adjustment to amputation funded through Dublin City University (2009-2013) and the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences. Prof. Pamela Gallagher (DCU) Dr. Deirdre Desmond (NUIM), Dr. Laura Coffey (DCU), Dr. Nicola Ryall (NRH).
  5. Experiences of children with amputation in Gaza funded through Irish Aid. Khaled Nasser (TCD), Prof. Malcolm MacLachlan (TCD), Prof. Pamela Gallagher (DCU).
  6. Activities, Participation, Environmental Barriers and Amputation. Prof Pamela Gallagher (DCU), Dr Deirdre Desmond (NUIM), Mary Ann O’Donovan (Health Research Board), Anne Doyle (Health Research Board).
  7. Optimising the Prescription of Prosthetic Technologies (OppTec): Outcome Measures for Evidence-based Prosthetic Practice and Use’ funded through the Health Research Board (2006-2009) (Prof. Pamela Gallagher (DCU) Prof. Malcolm MacLachlan (TCD), Prof. Davis Coakley (TCD), Ms Sinead NiMhurchadha, Ms Elisabeth Schaffalitzky).
  8. Psychosocial Outcomes and Clinical Practice. (Dr. Deirdre Desmond (NUIM), Prof. Pamela Gallagher (DCU), Mr. Rob Chatfield (OPCARE), David Henderson Slater (Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford).
  9. A Repertory Grid investigation of the Personal Constructs of High-tech Prosthetic Arm and Leg Users (Ms Sinead NiMhurchadha (DCU), Ms Elisabeth Schaffalitzky (DCU), Prof. Malcolm MacLachlan (TCD), Prof. Pamela Gallagher (DCU), Prof. Stephen Wegener (John Hopkins University, USA).
  10. Psychometric evaluation / Rasch analysis of TAPES (Prof. Pamela Gallagher (DCU) & Dr. Franco Franchignoni (Rehabilitation Institute of Veruno; Maugeri, IRCCS, Veruno, Italy).
  11. Cross-sectional study of psychosocial adjustment to amputation, prosthesis use and post-amputation pain funded by the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences (2000-2003). (Dr. Deirdre Desmond (NUIM), Prof. Malcolm MacLachlan (TCD), in collaboration with the British Limbless Ex-serviceman’s Association (BLESMA)).
  12. Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies of psychosocial factors involved in amputee rehabilitation. (Dr. Olga Horgan, Prof. Pamela Gallagher (DCU), Prof. Malcolm MacLachlan (TCD), Prof. Davis Coakley, Dr. Nicola Ryall (National Rehabilitation Hospital, Dublin), Dr. Simone Carton (National Rehabilitation Hospital, Dublin.
  13. Exploring the application of Virtual and Augmented Reality technology to phantom limb experiences. This inter-institutional project was led by Malcolm MacLachlan in collaboration with:Prof Annraoi de Paor, University College, Dublin. Dr Gary McDarby, MIT Media Lab Europe. Prof Peter Halligan, Cardiff University. Prof Bob Stone, Virtual Presence (UK) Ltd.
  14. An investigation of women’s needs in and experiences of the provision, fitting and supply of breast prostheses in Ireland’ funded through the Building Partnerships for a Healthier Society Research Award Scheme, Health Research Board (2005-2006), (Prof. Pamela Gallagher (DCU), Susan O’Carroll (Action Breast Cancer/Irish Cancer Society), Dr. Gemma Kiernan (DCU) and Mr. James Geraghty (Tallaght Hospital).
  15. Two on-going projects EquitAble and A-PODD extend our group’s research into disability-related challenges in policy and access to services, across 7 countries in Africa. More information about these projects can also be found at http://global-health.tcd.ie/research/projects.